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Wall Accents

Vibe has high quality, beautiful materials picked around the world that embody biophilic design. Its a unique statement-making decorative wall system derived from natural materials.

Image by Joel & Jasmin Førestbird

Linear Chic and Sublime Collections

Urbania Wood was founded in 2013.  Using only White Oak Dry Sawn wear layers.  Linear Chic Collection American White Oak Rift and Quartersawn

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LVT - Recycled Rubber - Cork

To Market was founded in 1998 on the principle of bringing "Alternative Materials for Interior Spaces" to the commercial marketplace.   We design and sell environmentally friendly, color coordinated, commercial flooring utilizing recycled and sustainable content. 


Recyled Rubber, Commercial Entry Way Matting,  40 mil LVT, and more

Van Gelder, Inc. is an industry leader in commercial flooring solutions, offering Recyled Rubber, Entryway Matting, Grid Matting Systems, Anti-Fatigue Flooring, Custom Logo, Moduclar Carpet, and 40 mil LVT.

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Slip Resistant Sheet, Exterior/Interior Sheet Vinyl & Stair Treads, (HVT) Homogeneous Vinyl Tile, and Luxury Vinyl Tile

CBC Flooring offers Premium Commercial Flooring that stands up to High Traffic

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Cashmere Goat Hair- Carpet and Wallcovering

Tretford has been producing natural carpets for over 50 years in Ireland.  The natural fiber carpets are made with the highest grade cashmere goat hair and available in 48 vibrant colors

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Carpet- CYP, Print, Custom Design

Balsan is a French textile flooring company and market leader in its sector.  With roots dating back to 1751 in Chateauroux.  Balsan is committed to always using environmentally friendly prouduction methods for range of over 2000 designs of broadloom and carpet tiles. 

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Woven Vinyl Flooring: Tile, Broadloom, Rugs

Specialized in Woven Vinyl Floors for commercial use since 2005.  Our Belgian quality floors are hard-wearing, waterproof & seamless.

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Floor and Wall tiles

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