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Loft Apartment Interior

360 Degree of Design Opportunity

Products to Inspire

Our Partners

We carefully selected products to work on multiple project types.  We have high end products for commercial and/or residential, budget friendly material that can help meet your needs on each project, plus unique product offerings.  Take a look.

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Professional Profile

About Surfaces 360

Surfaces 360 Inc was created to bring inspiration to your design process and project needs.  By partnering with multiple top-notch manufacturers, we hope to bring innovation and unique concepts to your work.  
As independent agents, we can provide several lines for the different elements of your design.  We can save you time by gathering several options for your one project and help your imagination come to life while keeping you in budget.
Surfaces 360 goal is make your job beautiful, within budget and on schedule.  Explore our full Interior options and see how we can help assist you on your next job.

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